What should I bring to class?
What should I wear to practice?
What types of classes do you teach?
Where are you located?
When are your classes?
Who teaches the classes?

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Q. What should I bring to class?
A. Bring water and a towel. Mats and props are provided if needed

Q.What should I wear to practice?
A. "The key word is: practical. Look for active wear that is soft, flexible and allows freedom of movement. You want clothing that won’t slip or bulge when you are lying on your mat. To test out tops, reach your arms up over your head or bend forward. Does the top still cover you? Can you easily move your arms? Yoga pants should be a comfortable length fully exposing your feet and ankles. Yoga is practiced in bare feet. If you are going to a studio, you will be asked to take off your shoes before entering the practice room. Your footwear can be a simple pair of sandals or slip-ons that you can step out of before class." Click here to read the entire article

Q. What types of classes do you teach?
A. For a full description of the classes being taught by Ruth Armstrong, RYT, click here.

Q. Where are you located?
A. Class locations vary...No membership is required at any location! Check calendar for details. For more information click here.

Q. When are your classes?
A. No membership at any location is every necessary. For a full schedule of classes click here.

Q.Who teaches the classes?
A. Yogini Ruth Armstrong, RYT